Project Description
Word & Image I
Spring 2024, 4 weeks


Image Manipulation
Tasked to create a collection poster under the broader topic of medicinal plants, I found great interest in exploring the Doctrine of Signatures, a belief throughout centuries that plants have a "signature"—color, texture, shape, scent, even the environment in which they grow—that resembles the body parts and diseases they heal. Thus, walnuts, with a brain-like shape, were thought to heal head ailments, and sliced mushrooms were thought to heal earaches.
After further research, I decided to explore the overlap between plants with supposed healing powers and their bodily counterparts, placing plants in a collaged nature to form the human body. Through a long process of iteration, I toyed with composition, hierarchy, typesetting, color, and image manipulation to create a final product that captures the heart (or viola tricolour) of my topic.

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