CHRISTINE JUNG                 

* Strike Magazine is the largest student-run publication in the nation, focusing on fashion, art, and culture. With a staff of over 120 members in the St. Louis chapter, I work as one of two art directors on the Strike executive board, directing the visual layout and design of the magazine.  Additionally, I assist with the concept creation and execution of the four themed photoshoots in each magazine.

Magazine [Issue 07]

Editorial DesignSpring 2024

Inspired by the literal and metaphoric role of the mirror, this issue explores the simultaneous sameness and opposition that is produced by reflections. The theme, ‘Through the Looking Glass,’ is conceptualized through our four photoshoots, four illustration pieces, and their subsequent designs.

As art director for this issue, I played a significant role in the visual execution of the magazine. I designed the cover, back cover, all of the introduction pages, three of the illustration pieces, as well as the spreads for  the ‘Distortion’ and ‘Doubles’ shoots. We sold 100 print copies.

View the full digital issue here.

Introduction Pages

I wanted to create a modern twist on the fairytale storybook atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland. Playing on the “eat me” and “drink me” tags that cause Alice to shrink and grow in the film, I altered them to fit into the reading experience of the magazine.


This shoot was a collaboration between my design team and I, with Margo Ogrosky on layout and Madison Wang on photo editing. I enjoyed creating a more minimal design system that allowed for the chaotic distortion of the photos to take the visual reigns.


This shoot is one where my vision shines through. Our executive team wanted to combat the simple nature of the photoshoot with a heavier design. I enjoyed playing with effects, color, and transparencies to achieve this design system.

Altars of Perfection

Collaborating with the talented illustrator Michaela Sewell, I iterated heavily on creating a layout where her illustrations shown through, but the writing piece still maintained its structural integrity.

Strike Magazine [Issue 06]

Editorial DesignFall 2023

Issue 06, ‘Cycles,’ is an ode to the cycles that make us and the world around us live and breathe. It strives to encourage viewers to look at our existence through the cycles that control us and those that we control. With four photoshoots and three illustration/writing pieces that fall under this thematical umbrella, I had fun encapsulating the beauty and intricate concepts of each shoot through a graphic design perspective.

My greatest contributions surround Girlhood and Material Cycles, playing with the scrapbook and collage styles that the shoot directors and editor-in-chiefs requested. The magazine was officially released on December 8, 2023 during the annual Strike Fashion Show, and over 100 copies were sold.

View the full digital issue here.

Material Cycles

Working closely with one of the graphic designers on my team, I carefully curated a y2k aesthetic with bold cutouts and pops of color that highlight the recycled denim. Having the fun task of designing a fake ad at the end of the spreads, I played around with the design for a 2000s inspired ad centering around “jasties” (jean nipple pasties).


For this shoot, our vision strayed heavily from the typical format of a magazine. We wanted to capture the intimate handmade qualities of a teenage girl’s diary. With scrapbook elements, handwritten notes, and a hazy pink hue, this shoot captures the beautiful and the ugly, everything that characterizes girlhood.  

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