In collaboration with Sean Brosnahan, Nissi Yorke, and Leandro de Armas.
Project Description
UI/UX Design
Interaction Design: Understanding Health and Wellbeing
Fall 2023, 6 weeks

UI Design
UX Research

Partner: Health Promotion and Wellness at Habif Health and Wellness Center

Primary contact: Arie Baker, MSW, LCSW – Director of Health Promotion and Wellness

Project framing
The Health Promotion and Wellness team offers services, programs, and resources for all undergraduate and graduate/professional students on WashU’s Danforth campus. Our work together with them this semester will focus on two of their offerings:
The Zenker Wellness Suite is a physical space, located in the Sumers Recreation Center, where students can access health promotion services, including information and resources related to sexual health, mental health, and other wellness topics.
How could this space be more welcoming, approachable, and useful for students?
The Habif social media accounts share timely updates specific to WashU students, including physical and mental well-being tips from Habif staff, program and resource info from Peer Health Educators and practicum students, and community care messages. Often posts direct students to where they can find more information, such as on the website or via email/phone.
How could these digital spaces better help students find the info and resources they need?
(Note that following the research phase, each student team will focus on specific areas of opportunity they’ve identified within this broad challenge area.)​​​​​​​
Primary Research
(conducted by Christine, Nissi, Sean, Leandro respectfully)
Research contributed by Christine:
Low-Fidelity Storyboards and Concept Pages
(Flyers + Physical Signage by Lalo, Physical Markers & Visual Identity and Branding by Christine, Merch by Nissi)
Student, Client, & Designer Testing Guides