Strike Magazine is the largest student-run publication in the nation, focusing on fashion and culture. With a staff of over 120 members in the St. Louis chapter, I worked as one of two art directors on the Strike executive board, helping to direct the visual layout and design of the magazine. 
For issue 06, our theme was Cycles: 
"an ode to the cycles that make us and the world around live and breathe. Looking at our existence through the cycles that control us and those that we control." 
We had five shoot themes under Cycles: Girlhood, Life Cycles, Break the Wheel, Mundane, and Material Cycles. The visual aspect of the magazine was created by me, my co-art director, and the team of 10 designers that we led.
I had fun encapsulating the beauty and intricate concepts of each shoot through a graphic design perspective. My greatest contributions surround Girlhood and Material Cycles, playing with the scrapbook and collage styles that the shoot directors and editor-in-chiefs requested. 
The magazine was officially released on December 8, 2023 during the annual Strike Fashion Show, and over 100 copies were sold.

Material Cycles
Other Contributions