Project Description
UI/UX Design
Visual Principles for the Screen
Fall 2023, 4 weeks


UI Design
The web interface can serve as an aggregator for vast amounts of material while using a well-designed logic and structure as an opportunity for implicit engagement and communication. For this project, I was tasked to design a site that displays an archive of content in a way that makes clear to the user what the purpose of the site is, allows easy navigation and usability, and contains supporting information that supplements the image archive.
The Shelf Help website gathers the most popular and relevant self-help books and sells them to consumers online. The target audience consists of those who are seeking tips to better themselves or move past stressful events/emotions occurring in their lives. The website is organized into themes, or what kind of guidance consumers are looking for. This includes success, relationships, spirituality, emotions, and creativity.

Figma Interactive Prototype
Low-Fidelity Wireframes (With and Without Grids)
Color, Image, & Type Exploration