Poster series created for the URBN Philadelphia restaurants.
Adobe Illustrator.
When I think of the Menus & Venues aspect of URBN, I think of a community of restaurants that prioritize providing an immersive experience for guests. Not only does each restaurant beautifully blend in to its respective location, but its food changes with the season. Knowing that the Terrain Cafe menu will reorient with the color of the leaves is a beautiful representation of how each restaurant is integrated into its environment.

For this poster series, I wanted to simultaneously highlight the individual personality of each restaurant, but create a sense of cohesion when placed next to each other. For each restaurant, I carefully thought about the brand image and highlighted its character with the use of hand-selected typography: the peaceful elegance of Terrain, the authentic imagery of Pizzeria Vetri, the swirling warmth of Amis, and the laidback friendliness of Gatehouse.

Whether on the cover of a menu or on the storefront of a window, this poster series would work successfully together when laid next to each other, but be able to stand out when apart. The use of transparent shapes and text placement motifs allow each restaurant to work in unison without taking away from the brand characters, a design choice I was excited to work with when starting the project.