Project Description
UI/UX Design
Interaction Design: Understanding Health and Wellbeing
Fall 2023, 4 weeks


UX Research & Design Methods
UI Design
For people with allergies, it can feel impossible to find restaurants that cater to their dietary restrictions. For this project, I was tasked to design a screen-based high-fidelity mockup that would address a specific challenge I found in my two weeks of intensive research about the daily lives of those with food sensitivities. 
This review-based app provides detailed information from users to other users to provide first-hand experience and insight on the allergy-based aspects of specific restaurants. One of my interviewees stated that the biggest issue with having an allergy is eating out in social situations. She feels like a burden when the restaurant others choose does not match her needs or simply does not have enough information online to feel secure in eating there. With this app, however, she could search through it beforehand to see how well it matches her allergy restrictions and receive information from trustworthy users.

Users would interact with this app by inputting their allergies (can edit later in settings), which will curate all restaurant suggestions to match their allergy needs. It will then take the user to the main home page, which essentially suggests filters and allows the user to search for specific restaurants or categories. After filtering, it gives users a list of restaurants that match those filters. Under each restaurant, it provides a plethora of allergy-related information about the restaurant, notably including reviews for different categories of how allergy-friendly the restaurant is, with a main review that averages the subreviews.
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