Project Description
UI/UX Design
Visual Principles for the Screen
Fall 2023, 4 weeks

IBM Plex Sans

UI Design
Location-based services are built into nearly every application we use on our mobile devices—our phones guide us through space, and help us navigate decisions wherever we are. For this project, I was tasked to design a conceptual site guide for a site of my choosing. 
The Come Out to Philly app is a guide to queer spaces in Philadelphia, mapping historic sites, popular neighborhoods, and LGBTQ+-owned spaces. The target audience is a user seeking safe, LGBTQ+-friendly spaces, or spaces that will help them feel more connected to their community. Through this app, they can learn the context and location of these queer spaces, as well as additional information about each spot, such as pricing and hours. 
The app provides a condensed, comprehensive guide, which is not something that exists in breadth and depth at the moment. When trying to search for queer spaces on other apps such as Google Maps or Yelp, if “LGBTQ” is in a review, it automatically adds it to the search results. However, this is not always an accurate or trustworthy method, as from the example of a Yelp result, a bar that “is no longer an LGBTQ space” shows up.
Figma Interactive Prototype
Content Architecture Map
Hand-Drawn Wireframe Explorations (2 Approaches)
Low-Fidelity Grayscale Wireframes (2 Approaches)
Low-Fidelity Wireframe Development
Color, Logo, Image, & Type Exploration
High-Fidelity Wireframes (3 Approaches)